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Learn GitHub Action#

本仓库是我用来学习 GitHub Action 时候做的笔记和测试用的代码. 作为最流行的 Git 仓库和 CICD 产品之一, 我认为投入精力学习 GitHub Action 很有必要. 但是由于它的内容较多, 我很难记住所有的细节. 所以我决定把学习过程中的笔记和代码都放在这个仓库里, 以便日后查阅, 做到在 5 分钟内查到并 pick up 所需要的知识点和细节.

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Sanhe Hu is a seasoned software engineer with a deep passion for Python development since 2010. As an author and maintainer of 20+ open-source projects, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. As a Senior Solution Architect and Subject Matter Expert in Amazon Web Services, Cloud Engineering, DevOps, Big Data, and Machine Learning, I thrive on helping clients with platform design, enterprise architecture, and strategic roadmaps.

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